Program 2019

PLEASE NOTE: This is a draft program, final one will be uploaded before the event.

18h00 buildup to MMWC 2019
Warren Elliot – Mighty Men Anthem
Heinz Winkler – 15 min songs
Etienne Smit – Praise + Worship
SPEAKER: Dr Gustuv Du Toit
Alter Call

9h00 pre-worship songs
Opening prayer
Etienne Smit – Praise + Worship
SPEAKER: Past. Dylan Botes
Alter Call

18h00 MC
Etienne Smit – Praise + Worship
Poject Amazing Grace – all over the world everybody sing together
SPEAKER: Prof. Gerrie Bester
Alter call
Warren Elliot sing Pa en Seun while men come to stage for Rite of passage ceremony
Rite of passage ceremony

9h00 Open to everybody
Words of wisdom and prayer by Pastor T Hebert
Thanks to our sponsors
Marlon Bruyns pre-worship
Etienne Smit – Praise + worship
Speaker Johnny Louw
Alter Call



After much prayer, deliberation and careful consideration God has intentionally chosen these speakers to bring the message of salvation to you.
The theme this year is BORN FREE!

Dr. Gustav Du Toit 
Past. Dylan Botes  The Bay Christian Family Church
Prof. Gerrie Bester  Roaring Truth
Evangelist Johnny Louw  Johnny

We welcome all the newcomers to the Mighty Men stage!

Prof. Gerrie Bester will also conduct our Rite of Passage ceremony this year.

Also partaking this year is:
@Bishop Vincent Alexander – Real Life Ministries
@Trevor Herbert – AFM of SA
@Past. Errol Joemath – Barrier Breaking Mens Fellowship

“God has given us a BRAND NEW life of freedom in Jesus Christ! Your old self is DEAD!
You are BORN AGAIN and you are BORN FREE!
We’ve been born free! 
Colossians 3

Your earthly body is dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire and greed, which amounts to idolatry, anger, wrath, malice, slander and abusive speech, lies to one another, etc.
These are the sins you`ve once walked in but you are now FREE of all you burdens and sins.
Since you laid ASIDE the old self with its evil practices, you have put on the NEW self who is renewed to the true knowledge.

You were not born to live in captivity. 
You are BORN FREE and is meant to live free.
You may find it difficult to separate yourself from the life you are used to.
But through Christ you will be able to break free from the old.

Now God wants us to live in the good of that freedom. 
He does not want us to be held captive by any sin. 
But what a struggle it is to break free from the old habits and hang-ups. 
At times it seems impossible, but God’s Word assures us that victory is possible. 
Romans 6:14 says that “sin shall not be master over you.” 

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